Designing Effective Job Advertisements Custom Essay

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Your individual assignment is to select three job advertisements from newspapers or the internet of United Arab Emirates ,and critique them in light of the attached criteria. The criteria describes the characteristics of an effective job advertisements. For each of the selected advertisements identify the positive and negative features and suggested changes to make it more effective in attracting highly qualified job applicant, and do the comparison between the three advertisements.
– Important notes : You should follow these criteria /elements model when you critique the 3 job advertisements
To achieve optimum results from job ads, four elements model is used in order to maximize candidates’ attention, interest, desire, and action (AIDA).
• Attention: The ads that stand out have borders, company logo, and effective design.
• Interest: Interest can be created by the nature of the job itself, by pointing out the range of duties and the amount of challenge or responsibility involved. To ensure attracting qualified applicants, the job specification should always be included.
• Desire: This can be created by highlighting interesting aspects of the job and unique benefits or opportunities associated with it.
• Action: To prompt action, job ads often include a closing date and instructions on how to apply and documents required.

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