Develop a plan for a marketing flyer for this assignment that outlines the key offerings at XYZ Construction Custom Essay

Do you believe that introducing technology takes out human decision making? In your opinion, explain the pros and cons of using technology to help make decisions?

how would you respond to this I do not believe that technology takes out human decision making. For instance a police officer ca use the radar to determine ones speed, but then after that it is up to the office to determine whether or not to pull the suspect over or not. Technology is great but it still depends on humans to some point to operate it. And once the human does so it is up to them to make the final decision as what to do.

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The business scenario (fictitious information for this course) that you will use for this course is as follows:

XYZ Construction Inc. performs horizontal construction work including roads, airfields, and bridges. The company�s headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, and has 16 field offices located in 11 states. The workforce includes heavy and light equipment operators, civil engineers, and project managers along with an administrative staff in the headquarters facility with support staff in each of the 16 field offices. The company has 2,300 year-round employees and will surge to an average of 4,500 employees during peak construction periods. Currently, XYZ Construction Inc. is a privately owned company that began as a family business in the 1950s. The present owners have decided that it is time to transform the business from one of private ownership to public ownership and plans for its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 12 months.

To help facilitate the transition over the next 12 months, the company owners have hired you, a private consultant, to help them compile and analyze key business information needed for the IPO event. Your job is to help the business owners better understand the marketing, management, business ethics, global dimensions, accounting, financial, economic, legal, information management, research, leadership, and business integration aspects of the company.

For this activity; your requirement is to analyze the key business environment considerations for the new marketing initiative. Specifically, the owners of XYZ Construction want you to create plan for the design of a marketing flyer so that they can prepare to expand operations nationally and internationally.

Develop a plan for a marketing flyer for this assignment that outlines the key offerings at XYZ Construction. This flyer will be used to educate potential customers on the services offered by the firm.

Within the flyer plan, you must describe the following key business environment considerations relative to this construction company:

1. XYZ Construction Inc. services that pertain to the residential and private construction areas. Currently, the company relies exclusively upon state and federal government contracts; however, the owners would like to expand in order to diversify their operations.

2. Project management considerations in order to improve cost effectiveness during large and small scale projects for residential and private construction.

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