Develop an outline Marketing Plan for a product or service entering a target country (UK selected) of your choice Custom Essay

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You are to propose research that would be required to support the launch of your chosen product or service (No selected specific topic)

The target country cannot be your own home country.
The product/service must be new to that country (UK), or it must be a new brand in that market (it can be real or imaginary, but do state clearly which).
The product/service must be legal.
Must not exceed 4000 words

Suggested Layout
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Situational Analysis
Future Research
(analysis approaches)
List of References

Review of your work so far with emphasis on:
Your choice of product/service
Understanding of the Country of Origin effect (CoO)
Chosen target country (UK was selected)
A draft PESTEL analysis for the target country
At least one example of relevant secondary data
Your list of refs so far (Harvard style HARD COPY!)
A list of sources you also intend to use

You should use more methods to analyze the topic such as fundamental marketing analysis,macro-analysis,PESTLE, SWOT, 4P. etc. These methods are essential to be used in the paper.

It is better to choose retail industry. Since all of the noted industries are the retail ones such as tesco, wal mart, Carrefour and so on, anyway, you can choose any one industry as the case study to analyze. There is a case study of Tesco in the file, which is the lecture material. Regarding as the requirements, we are needed to choose a suit industry and product as the target.

There are some very useful materials in the additional file, about the requirements, introduction and the marks criterion. Please assure to read them carefully before you start the paper. If you have any questions, please tell me. Thanks for your help.

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