Development of a Written Education Resource Custom Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is for students to understanding the nutritional requirements and nutritional issues for a selected lifecycle stage, and to effectively communicate dietary recommendations using written education resources.
Develop a written education resource for one of the following lifecycle stages:
The resource should cover general information about health eating and nutritional issues relevant to your chosen lifecycle stage. The resource should include practical information on one or more of the following topics, specifically targeted to your lifecycle stage.
Label reading
Recipe modification
Shopping within a budget
Food Safety
Changing eating habits
The resource should address the following criteria:
(1) Content:
a. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the nutritional issues relevant to your chosen lifecycle stage.
b. Include accurate, up to date and evidenced based material.
c. Provide a practical interpretation of the nutritional requirements and recommendations for your chosen lifecycle stage.
d. Address the purpose and benefits to the client of the education resource.
(2) Communication:
a. Be appropriately targeted to your audience with consideration given to language, voice and readability, structure, spacing and font size, format, and the use of illustrations. A readability formula such as the FOG or SMOG index should be applied to your resource.
b. Be appropriately targeted to your target audience with consideration given to the social, cultural and lifestyle factors that may influence food choices for your lifecycle stage.
Your resources should be supported by a 4 page rationale report which justifies both the content and design of your nutrition education resource.

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