Developmental delays and factors that affect teen pregnancy Custom Essay

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There are many factors that can affect development by becoming a teen parent. Education plays a very big role in pregnancy and prenatal care for a healthy baby. The cognitive processes of an adolescent are not fully developed/functioning. Educational levels also affect the pregnancy because without a high a school diploma or some sort of degree there are not many jobs that are willing to hire. This brings on stress during the pregnancy to the mother and the child. Financial status may play a large role in not only the development of the mother but of the child as well, which in turn, increases the risk for living in poverty. Child bearing is a very intricate process, this requires a great amount of understanding and learning how to cope with changes that the body goes through during this process that a teenager may not be able to fully grasp. Many teenagers are not able to handle the social, emotional and physical changes that take place during pregnancy which can be stressors to the mother. In a way I believe being a teenage parent slows down the developmental processes greatly because it almost puts a block on whatever the teenager has going on. They are not able to socialize and explore like other teenagers would be able to. It affects their educational growth especially if they are home schooled after the pregnancy and they also become more dependent on other for financial stability which affects the urge for independence.

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