Discount rates will vary based upon your own personal level of risk tolerance Custom Essay

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Discount Rates

For example, I might be willing to buy a risky stock if I think I’ll earn 10% while my wife would need at least 20% before she’d consider it.

Write a short paper and answer the following as best as you can using any amount of references needed.
For each question, What’s your discount rate for the following types of equities? How did you determine that rate?

1) A risk free equity (a US Treasury Note-called risk free because if they can’t pay, your money is worthless)

2) A CD at South American bank paying in their local currency

3) A stock in a company that has a secure stream of income from a long term contract customer

4) A sock in a company that has an interesting plan but no real operations as of yet( as NY Lotto says “A Dollar and a Dream”

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