Discuss how gender and sexuality are choreographed in these two dance styles Custom Essay

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Topic: By taking tango and hip-hop (break-dance) as cases, discuss how gender and sexuality are choreographed in these two dance styles. Your discussion should also address the kinds of power imbalances and hierarchies established in the “social dance setting”, tango club and hip-hop club, on the one hand; and alternative attempts like queer tango and b-girls, on the other.
Note 1: It’s important that you insistently question what kinds of gendered identities are embodied/articulated through movement as well as to what extent they challenge or conform to the dominant conceptions of male / female, masculine / feminine, heterosexual / non-heterosexual.
Note 2: You are strongly recommended to make reference to the (excerpts of) pieces screened and articles assigned. When quoting or referencing any written material be sure to use proper citation.
(Some articles are uploaded too)
Paper format: 6-7 pages, Times New Roman, 1,5 spaced, 12 font-size.
Deadline: 20 August, 23:00 (Turkish time slot)

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