Discuss likely unintended consequences of the Affordable Health Care Act. Custom Essay

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The Affordable Health Care Act has many areas of unintended consequences. Think of incentives on how businesses organize themselves, what type of jobs they offer, the number of jobs they offer, the willingness to pay penalties, and so forth. Think incentives for individuals. Think of incentives for alternative types of insurance such as MediShare. Think of incentives for self-responsibility. In addition to direct rules on health care, the Act also makes changes in the tax code. How might some taxpayers react to these changes int he tax code.

There are additional issues besides these listed. Do not try to cover every issue, but pick the ones that stand out to you as worthy of discussion. Do an internet search on potential topics on these paper.

If a paper meets expectations, I typically assign a grade in the mid to high 80s. To get a higher grade, a paper must have some WOW factors to it. Potential sources of WOW:
Superior analysis – of issues and/or data
Use and citation of at least 5 sources, listed on the bib. (And not all from same viewpoint!)
Clear and effective writing
Error free in typos and grammar
Graphics or lay-out that grabs attention and explains the concepts

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