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Each essay should be 2 full pages of your writing. You must use points from PPT I attached to follow the class tastes. And quote from the textbooks. You do not need to read any additional readings rather than my attachments.

Part A (on Descartes and/or Locke)
1. What are the first and the second certainties Descartes establishes and how does he do it?
2. How does he separate the mind from the body? What are their characteristics as distinct from one another? Discuss critically.
3. In how many ways does he provide proofs of existence of God? Explain each proof. How does God fit into Descartes’ philosophy which takes its starting point as the thinking subject?
4. Do material things exist in Descartes’ philosophy? If not, why not? If so, does he prove it?
5. Construct Locke’s theory of knowledge based on the first chapters of his Essay Concerning Human Understanding.
6. Present Descartes’ and Locke’s arguments on innate ideas. What are some agreements and disagreements between these two thinkers within the context of their philosophical projects and within the context of history of ideas (what is the place of their ideas in the history of philosophy, in relation to Greek and medieval philosophy)?

Part B (comparative part: compare and contrast authors and their ideas based on their works studied in class):
How do the two of the following authors view mind/body relationship?
Group A: Petrarch, More; Group B: Descartes, Locke

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