Discussion paper on an analysis of how social change is or could be addressed in your MS in Psychology specialization area. custom essay

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Then explain any global and diversity implications or areas of concern in your specialization. Please cite all resources used and list references used. No cover page needed. This paper will be turned in to turnitin.com from the university.

What week 2 is about:

Week 2: Critical Considerations


Prior to finalizing your Capstone Project, there are several critical factors to consider, including social change, globalization, diversity, and ethics. As you think about a Capstone Project topic, consider social change implications, ethical concerns, diversity issues, and/or global aspects related to the topic. This week you will address the impact of these four critical factors as they relate to your MS in Psychology specialization.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this week, you will be able to:

1. Apply the concept of social change to MS in Psychology specializations
Evaluate global and diversity implications of MS in Psychology specializations

2.Analyze ethics issues related to MS in Psychology specializations

Little background on this week 2 discussion….

Social Change, Diversity, and Globalization

According to its mission, University seeks to create social change agents. As you graduate, you should be prepared to positively impact your community and thus positively impact society. In addition, you have worked alongside and learned from students from diverse backgrounds with respect to race/ethnicity, social class, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, and geographical location.

In this Discussion, you will address specific social change implications of your MS in Psychology specialization. Furthermore, you will consider the influence of diversity and globalization and how to address these issues in your Capstone Project.

To prepare:

Review University’s definition of social change which is below…

Social Change

Our Commitment to Positive Social Change

Social change is at the heart of Universities mission. Since our founding in 1970, we?ve attracted a community of lifelong learners who share a common desire to make a difference. To support their efforts, we provide a learning experience that encourages them to pursue and apply knowledge in the interest of the greater good. Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff bring our mission to life through research, conferences, and service projects focused on effecting positive social change.

University social change initiatives include:

Social Change Impact Report

The Social Change Impact Report provides a detailed picture of the state of social change engagement in America: Americans? beliefs about social change, the issues they care about, the motivations behind their engagement, the actions they are taking to further social change and the tools they use.

Social Change Conference

University annual Social Change Conference invites authors, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and others to share their real-world insights on how to become effective change agents. The conference is designed to inspire and enable participants to challenge their thinking and to motivate them to take action.

University Service Network

The University Service Network is a free online community that enables members to search for volunteer opportunities and track their volunteer hours. Organizations can also post their service projects to recruit volunteers.

Global Day of Service

While members of the university community volunteer as individuals throughout the year, the university?s annual Global Day of Service is an opportunity for the entire university community to come together and make an impact in neighborhoods around the world. On the first Saturday of October, University volunteers contribute to projects serving schools, food banks, community centers, and more.

Scholars of Change

Watch videos of personal stories from prospective University students, current students, and graduates who demonstrate how a University degree is helping them make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those in their communities.

Perspectives on the World

Through Universities Perspectives on the World series, distinguished scholars, journalists, social scientists, and activists share their diverse global views with University students and faculty at commencement ceremonies and academic residency programs.

Commitment to Social Change Scholarship

The Commitment to Social Change scholarship is available to new students who exemplify Universities mission and demonstrate the capacity to effect positive social change.

Presidential Award for Leadership in Social Change

This award honors individuals who have made a profound impact in their local communities, on the nation, or around the world.

Read the Marsella article in this week’s Learning Resources, paying particular attention to the influence of psychology in the global community.

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