Dissertation Chapter in Presenting and Analysing Findings Custom Essay

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You will need to present what you have found out and what it means, and what recommendations you have as a result. For this project, it makes sense to integrate the findings and analysis together in Chapter 4, (and have the recommendations in Chapter 5). In this structure, you will need to give details of the results you obtained from undertaking your research – ensuring that they are clearly and unambiguously detailed.

Some of the detail from questionnaires may be put in as appendices with the significant results in the chapter. How you present and analyse your research depends on the aims of your study and type of data you have collected. Some course members present the factual information e.g. in tables, and identify the significant points from it, while others combine data from questionnaires and interviews according to the thematic structure.

You will need to analyse what you have found out and relate it back to the literature you presented in an earlier chapter. For example, you may wish to show how your own findings relate to other research in the field. In addition to this, if you have used a theoretical concept or model in your research, then you may wish to show how your own findings relate to the concept or model.

Supervisor?s General Comments:

The introduction gives a very clear outline of the issue to be addressed, the educational context in Belize and the aims of the research project. The literature review is a very full and comprehensive discussion of the literature in the area, an outline of trends and some effective use of non-academic sources. You indicate that the dissertation will be a piece of evaluation research in the fashion of Tilley (2010). This comprehensive literature review should assist you in your discussion and analysis.
Well written and well organised. Referencing is clear and easy to follow. A full and complete bibliography is included.

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