Do not only describe the background of dick smith, please focus on theories and analysis Custom Essay

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Do not only describe the background of dick smith, please focus on theories and analysis, please follow the instructions listed on unit outline strictly. do not copy any sources online.

the essay is base on the powerpoint that i have attached, the company we chose is dick smith.

. The summary of main theories and concepts will be a maximum of 1800 words and the reflection a maximum of 200 words. The first part of the Report must be written in third person and supported with a minimum of 10 contemporary (beyond 2005) refereed journal articles. The second part of the Report is a reflective piece of work that does not require academic support and may be written in first person. This section will reflect on the presentation and might also include reflections on the possible changes from the initial Group Plan to the actual Presentation. Other material will need to be attached as appendices � the appendices could include a copy of the Group Contract. All sections will be included in calculating the final mark.

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