Does child abuse lead to mental health problems Custom Essay

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What I will be uploading and etc.

to new writer, The first document I’m going to upload is the Guideline and the questions that you need to answer for each section. There is usually 5 to 6 questions for each section and in the bottom its says how many pages it should be. For each question you should write the answer in separate paragraphs. I will also upload a student’s paper. for you to get an idea of what my teacher wants. I will also upload an outline for the literature review section also. I don’t want this paper to look like a professional writer wrote it. I want it to look and sound like a college student wrote it and not a university student. I know that sound weird but my teacher will find out that this is not my writing. so don’t make it to good and not too bad. just in the middle. I will upload another document that will show my writing. no bullet points. every answer should be in paragraph form. don’t use complicated words. no long paragraphs. keep it straight forward and simple. Structure needs to match the guideline. thank you
Here is the APA website you should use to get the right APA format.
the dependent variable is mental health and independent variable is child abuse. For the first paragraph u start with a theme, than the definition of mental health with cite and last u talk about it. You do the same for child abuse paragraph. Also use statistics, do not use bullets in this paper and no figure/ pictures. for the question that asks you to select the theory use this theory ” General Strain Theory”. define it, cite it and explain it
Literature review
the first 2 paragraph of the literature review section, you start with a theme that relates to my topic. the strength section of the literature. you start by writing . ” This research has several methodological strength “. than u establish the 3 strength, then explain why those are the strength and last cite the studies that apply to them. you do the same for the methodological weakness section. also the last question on the literature review section you need to state the ” Research Hypothesis, purpose statement, and null hypothesis. that’s all for that section .

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