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In the first three quarters of the Iliad, Achilles makes significant appearances in Books 1, 9, 16, and 18, and from Book 19 till the end he dominates the poem. In Book 24 Priam comes to the tent of Achilles and an intense meeting occurs. In each of his appearances in the books noted (1, 9, 16, 18, and 24), Achilles says and does things, and makes choices that change the course of the poem’s action. But do any of these choices change Achilles himself? Is he significantly different at the end of the poem than he was at the beginning? Has he learned anything?
In answering these questions do not neglect what happens in Book 24.
Assume the person reading the essay is familiar with the work of literature you are writing about. Do not give a summary of a plot. You will receive NO CREDIT for merely retelling a story. Do not use direct quotation from the poem. Instead briefly paraphrase and then cite the reference by (1) the page number of the assigned edition, or (2) by book and line numbers. A reference to Book 1 lines 193-205 of the Iliad, for example, should be noted as (1.193-205).
The essay should have a brief, clear introductory paragraph stating what you are going to argue. Each following paragraph should then support the introductory paragraph. Argue for your position, and support it with specific examples from the text. A brief concluding paragraph should sum up the argument. The purpose of the assignment is to analyze the work of literature and argue for your opinion.

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