Doubt by John Patrick Shanley 2) trifles -Susan Glaspell Custom Essay

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Part 1) Literary artists usually make deliberate, careful choices about what might be considered “trifles”-small things or details. That’s because, among other things, “trifles” can help deepen the expressiveness of their stories. From the reader’s viewpoint, what may at first seem insignificant helps fill out a character’s personality or motives.
In Doubt, John Patrick Shanley is careful to use details in building his characters. He writes dialogue and action through which his characters sometimes express attitudes regarding what may seem to be trivial topics- for example, the length of a person’s fingernails or the number of lumps of sugar that he puts in his tea or his choice to write with a ballpoint pen. These provide a subtle coloring to his characters’ personalities- how they see themselves and their world.
Write a paragraph each about what the named characters reveal about themselves when they express their opinions or take actions regarding the named “trifles”.
You will end up with at least three paragraphs.
a) FR.Flynn and SR. Aloysius regarding fingernails.(sc. III, sc. V, and sc. VIII)
c) FR.Flynn, Sr. Aloysius, and Sr. James regarding the holiday song “Frosty the Snowman”(sc. V)
e)Sr. Aloysius regarding instruction in Art and Dance(sc. II)

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