Drama Essay; The Poems and Plays To Be Written About Are: Antigone, Othello, and A Dolls House Custom Essay

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The poems and plays to be written about are: Antigone, Othello, and A Dolls House. It should be Three to four pages of written work, not including Works Cited
• 12 point font, Times Roman or Arial, one-inch margins
• Organization
o Introduction
o First topic
o Second topic
o Third topic
o Conclusion

The introductory paragraph should begin with an interesting lead followed by the identification of the work and the author. Your introduction should culminate in the thesis statement which identifies your subject, purpose, and original opinion.

The body paragraphs should then be constructed to prove this point with the discussion centering on your literary analysis. If you were to choose the element of setting to analyze, for example, you would provide an examination of the place and time – using quotes from the story to describe the setting and descriptions by the narrator of the dress, names and attitudes that were relevant during that time period. Do not tell what happened – explain the author’s techniques and larger intentions.

These body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that generalizes the ideas to be developed. Quotations and explanations of the quotes support that general statement. It is extremely important that you explain your use of the quotations from the story. Remember you are trying to prove your thesis statement.

The concluding paragraph should restate your original thesis in different terms, stating once again the point that you have successfully proven in your essay.

Quotes from the story are necessary to support your ideas in the analysis, but the paper needs to be as much your own thoughts as possible. If you use outside sources, please be sure to cite them using MLA format, and quote sparingly from these sources. It is best to paraphrase, and then still cite the author of the ideas.

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