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This questionnaire will be discussed and filled in during the meeting with Flinders Uni staff. Brief
details only are required.
Owners’ names: Andrew Lee
Business name: Alchemy Home Loans
Employees and their roles:
Sole Trader – Providing financial services such as home loans.
Brief description of the product being sold to your customers:
Financial Products and services such as mortgages. Branching out over the next 12 months into
commercial and car finance.
Who are your top 5 competitors? Please also indicate your major competitor:
1. Four major banks (NAB, ANZ, CBA and WPAC)
2. Assured Home Loans
3. Aussie Home Loans
4. Bernie Lewis
What hours does the business operate?
Anywhere from 20 hours to 70 hours a week.
What days are the business closed? (eg Easter, Xmas etc)?
It tends to be quieter over Christmas. No particular days – with the laptop you can work anytime
and anywhere.
Who are the key suppliers to the business, and what do they supply?
Financial Institutions for finance products, loans and financial services.
Alchemy tend to use ING Direct, Bank SA etc (2nd tier suppliers of these services)
Major costs‐:
Briefly describe the five most expensive costs of the business.
Yearly fee for personal indemnity insurance.
Yearly fee for COSL ‐ Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (regarding external dispute resolution)
Maintaining Equipment (ie: Computer, connections etc)
Training (required under legislation)
Customers, current marketing &promotion‐:
Please describe your usual customers?
Past two years tend to be: ‐ first home buyers 50%
‐ Investors 50%
Intention to branch out to commercial investors (eg office and factory investments), and vehicle
finance for vehicles between $8,000 and $100,000 in value).
How do you currently advertise and promote your business? Please provide some examples eg
brochures, newspaper adverts etc
Previously used Yellow Pages – ads now withdrawn as they were not resulting in client leads.
Agreement with local real‐estate agent with ad for Alchemy on the real estate agents folder which
was handed to potential home buyers at open inspections.
Local websites such as True local, Hot Frog and Gumtree.
Facebook under own name.
What are the five most important ways customers get to know about your business?
Customers learn of business mainly through word of mouth – clients and friends
Potential to use Internet to tap into new client base.
What are your reasons for customers doing business with you, rather than your competitors?
Personal Service (develop relationship with clients)
Knowledge base (trained for mortgages) –knows breadth of market alternatives rather than just
one financial institutions product offerings.
How do you convey these reasons your customers?
Customers experience – again word of mouth.
How do your customers select your product, order it, and pay for it?
No fee to customers at this stage. Currently, the financial institutions pay a commission when the
loan is raised. However, a ‘claw back’ fee applies to broker if client changes loan provider early
(within 4 years). In this case, a fee is charged to the client if they change loan providers within 4
years as the Financial Institutions charge the claw back fee.
Your current e‐business and social networking position‐:
Do you have a website, and if so, what is the address (eg address is www.xxxxxxxxx.com.au)?
Only personal Facebook, Hot Frog Gum Tree and True Local.
What electronic access tools (eg computers and internet access tools) do you currently have?
Laptop – intention to upgrade to a desktop.
Connection to Internet with ADSL2
In general, I want to use the website for‐: (tick all as appropriate)
Interactions with customers‐:
 Limited information, such as business offering, address, telephone number, email
 Ability for customers to send (and receive answers to) emails for enquiries
 Booking appointments
 Fairly detailed information about product offerings, including
(eg a catalogue)
We have a close, almost social relationship, through the use of social networking tools.
What are you currently hoping to achieve from your existing e‐business arrangements?
Developing a new client base
Brand Recognition
Do you know if you are achieving that? If appropriate, do you have any measures to confirm that
Not currently achieving this.
What are you hoping to achieve from future e‐business arrangements? (eg please answer whatever
that is – it might be to engage and/or increase a type of customer, or achieve a $value of sales, or
customer information only, or streamline ordering from suppliers, or trying to start to get an idea of
how to use websites, or not sure ….. or anything ‐ many other possibilities).
Increase revenue
Expand offerings
How do you think you could achieve that? If appropriate, what measure might be able to confirm
whether you achieve that or not?
Web presence – will be able to monitor client base through website.
The resources you have to implement new e‐business ideas (including all social networking
What is the level of e‐business expertise in your business?
Know suppliers websites, comfortable using Internet, Facebook etc.
How much time could someone spend on dealing with e‐business (eg answering email enquiries,
updating websites etc) in your business (assuming these were useful activities that led to sales or
decreased costs eventually)?
1 hour per day – some days will involve more attention than others.
If you wanted to increase your sales revenue by 30%, and a new project suggested it might be able
to do that, how much money would you be willing to spend on implementing it? (keep in mind that a
30% increase in sales would also require some increase in costs too).

-Describe the limitations and indicative costs (detailed monetary values are not required) associated with the business model(s)

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