E-Commerce Exercises; Match a B2B (Business to Business) business model with the services in each site. custom essay

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1. Examine the following sites: ariba.com, trilogy.com, and ibxeurope.com. Review their products and services. Match a B2B business model with the services in each site.
2. Visit ebay.com and identify all of the activities related to its small business auctions. What services are provided by eBay? Enter eBay?s Business Industrial area (business.ebay.com or ebay.com and select ?wholesale?). What kind of e-marketplace is this? What are its major capabilities?
3. Enter ondemandsourcing.com and view the demo. Prepare a list of benefits to small and medium-sized organizations.
4. Visit converge.com. What kind of exchange is this? What services does it provide? How do its auctions work?
5. Enter eprocurement.nc.gov. What e-procurement methods does it provide? What are the benefits of each method?
6. Visit hayneedle.com. What kind of a mall is this?
7. Compare the sites yelp.com and epinions.com.
8. Compare the price of a specific Sony digital camera at shopping.com, mysimon.com, bizrate.com, and pricescan.com. Which site locates the best deal? Where do you get the best information?

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