EDucation Physical Development custom essay

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Headings in the same font as the text and justified to the left rather than centred. They may be bold but not underlined and do not have fullstops or colons after them. Only the first letter of the word is capitalised.
Please note:Do not use headings in essay.
No indent for paragraphs- miss a line between paragraphs.
Australian English spelling is required.
Do not use grammatical contractions.
do not write one or two sentence paragraphs
Appropriate intent referencing pages using APA (6) style
Small direct quotes ARE included in the word count
Direct quotes of more than 5 words ARE NOT included in word count
Reference list in not included in the word count

Purpose of this assignment

For you to show your understanding of aspects of the domain of development, particularly physical development, and how these relate to the educational setting.
Think about the age group you are hoping to teach or work with. Use the unit textbook, McDevitt.T, &Ormrod.J, Child Education and Development. 4th Ed. 2010. Pearson.Upper Saddle River.New Jersey.Columbus,Ohio
and other resources, and your own resources to address the question below.

For the age group you have selected or hope to teach or work with, what are the considerations for physical development and how can you accommodate the physical needs of the students in the learning environment. You need to consider the following:
*motor development for the age group selected and influences on this. Consider the development of the fine motor skills for young children.
*The benefits of physical activity and the consequences of prolonged inactivity.
*How a students physical development facilities or restricts development in other areas.
*What can you do in the learning environment to accommodate or support the physical needs and development of students? You should focus on both physical activity and issues of health and well-being.

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