EHR Software research paper; “Research your chosen software’s functions and how it works, and critically analyze your findings”. Custom Essay

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The name of the software you’ve chosen as the course project topic and content outline for your paper indicating how you plan to address the below criteria, and the primary sources of information you will use. I will need these ASAP. I understand these will be on separate sheets and I will pay for this as well as the paper itself. Please let me know what you think the additional cost would be, I will send funds for 18 pages to start with.
Specifically, the paper should offer the following information and address these issues:
• Name of the product
• Uses of the product
• Integration with other information systems
• User friendliness of data entry and data retrieval
• Benefits of this particular software over similar types of software
• The implementation process you would use to implement the EHR
• Critically analyze your findings
Other Content Suggestions:
• Terminology
• Philosophical views of the EHR
• Advantages
o Reduction of cost
o Improved quality of care
o Promote evidence-based medicine
o Record keeping and mobility
• Disadvantages
o Costs
o Time
• Governance, privacy, and legal issues
o Privacy concerns
o Legal issues
? Liability
? Legal interoperability
o Regulatory compliance
• Technical Issues
o Standards
? Open specifications
? Customization
o Long-term preservation and storage of records
o Synchronization of records
• E-health and tele-radiology

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