English Universities; Research the market and identify direct and indirect competitors Custom Essay

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The Programme Leader for MSc Marketing Communications would like an up-to-date picture of what alternative courses are available at English (England only) universities for students considering undertaking either a postgraduate marketing course with option to specialize in marketing communications, or a specialized marketing communications course.

Phase I:
• Research the market and identify direct and indirect competitors. We need to identify all English universities provide Marketing communications programme / unit on postgraduate level … (direct competitors are universities that provide Marketing Communications programme. Indirect competitors are universities that provide Marketing Communications unit under any other programme)
• Research what criteria might be useful to rate each of the competitors (University world and UK rank, Fees, University reputation, living cost in the city, campus or city based university, student satisfaction, entry requirements, full or part-time course, University website, city size and activities …etc) and their marketing communications activities: make sure you consider a range of on-line communications activities , consider criteria students might use when looking at selection of a university etc. Develop a range of criteria to be used in Phase II of your research and agree this with the Programme Leader
Phase II:
• Using content analysis, rate each of the competitors using a range of appropriate criteria (We need to use the criteria mentioned above to rate universities to create a rating method or scale.

Phase III:
• Present the results of your research in an appropriate way (using an Excel spreadsheet) and identify best practice in a number of key areas, at a range of competitors
• Make recommendations on future on-line marketing communications activities

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