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Assessment 2

You are required to prepare a report on an entrepreneurship or innovation issue or challenge.

You will need to conduct some research into an issue or challenge of entrepreneurship and innovation. You will need to draw on theory from the literature in this area. You will need to develop a critical approach to the literature, as it is a representation of a particular viewpoint or argument. Some literature will be more useful than others. The core text (Lowe and Marriot) is a good starting point but you should use a variety of sources drawn from books, journals, the business press as well as online sources. Remember, a balance of sources. Avoid depending totally on online sources. It is recommended that you use examples or cases to illustrate your points. There is the opportunity to reflect on the course material.

A report structure is available on WebLearn.

You should draw on relevant theory and practical examples to address the question that you have chosen; gradually building a convincing argument leading to conclusions that are grounded in the theory you have used.

Examples of issues or challenges are shown below – but there will be others


1, Intrapreneurship – how can organisations reinvent themselves and become more
2. Social entrepreneurship – how can social entrepreneurship contribute to society
3. Barriers to growth – how can barriers be overcome
4. The challenges for business start-ups
5. How can entrepreneurship and innovation contribute to the public sector
6. The management of innovation
7. Strategy in entrepreneurial firms ( which could include franchising )
8. Ethnic minority entrepreneurship – overcoming barriers
9. Female entrepreneurship

Your report should be around 2500-3000 words

All of above examples are areas where there are a lot of sources of material – some helpful articles will be place on WebLearn which along with the core text may provide a starting point.

Your report must be properly referenced.

Your Self Reflection should be attached as an appendix to your report


Entrepreneurship and Innovation


During the module you will have explored a variety of concepts relating to entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurs are to be found in a range of contexts: the economic entrepreneur; the intrapreneur ; or the community or social entrepreneur .We have discussed the personality traits and characteristics that are considered typical of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are thought to approach learning and decision making in different ways; even their approach to mistakes or failure.

The personality traits and characteristics of entrepreneurs may be a contributory factor in entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial success.

How enterprising are you? How innovative are you?

Investors frequently look beyond the business plan and look at the individuals or management behind it. Have they got the drive, skills and confidence to run the business successfully.

Innovative companies look for employees who display ambition and have ideas and are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals.

TASK: Prepare a reflective statement

1. Assess your own knowledge, attitudes and skills against those of ‘typical’ entrepreneur. To do
this you will need to reflect on the theories outlined in the literature. You should also visit the
various self assessment exercises on entrepreneurship and innovation which are linked to this

2. Reflect on how your personal knowledge, skills and attitudes may impact on your ability to
achieve your future personal or career aspirations.

3. Prepare an ACTION PLAN, with SMART objectives, in areas that might limit your ability to achieve your potential

WORD COUNT: 500/600 words

When considering your future career aspirations consider

Would you like to run your own business in the future?
Would you prefer to work in an organisation that supports innovation?
Would you prefer large or small organisations?
Do you prefer the certainty or routine administrative work?

Chapter 4 in Lowe and Marriot (2006) Enterprise: Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides some useful reading for this task. A useful layout for the Action plan in contained on page 138 and an example is on WebLearn. YOU SHOULD ATTACH YOUR REFLECTIVE STATEMENT AS AN APPENDIX TO YOUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION REPORT.

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