Essay of farewell of arms: Research four articles of criticism and historical contexts about your text Custom Essay

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This is the thesis and outline of the paper . Finish the rest of the paper. Here are some requirement.
1. Research four articles of criticism and historical contexts about your text.
2. write an annotated bibliography.
3. For the body part, the introduction points forward to the thesis while the main body points back at it. Gather evidence from the text and primary sources that support the thesis. The main body should consist mostly, if not entirely, of the evidence you take from the texts (including research) and your analysis of that evidence. present and thoroughly analyze your evidence in organized paragraphs – each no longer than 1/3 of the page. every paragraph is required to have a claim, evidence, and a very clear warrant.
4. for conclusion, do not restate the introduction or thesis! synthesize your main points into a concluding analysis and state the interesting results of your paper.

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