Ethics Exam; Do governments and individuals have an ethical duty to protect the environment Custom Essay

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1. Do governments and individuals have an ethical duty to protect the environment? Cite ethical sources for any such duty. (you can talk about the common good or other duties as well , try to use the Encyclical or the Quran or any sources like that, but it would be nice if you used them )

2. Are there ethical reasons that a government or corporate authority can interfere with the private sector’s ability to make profit? Give examples of where it would be an ethical imperative and where it would be an undue burden on individuals/corporations. (Please talk about subsidiary and solidarity in this question, citing all the references, you can use the Encyclical as a reference, and other sources and find out other examples)

3. Drawing upon Catholic Social Thought, describe the relationship between justice, charity, and the common good. (Use the Compendium of the social doctrine of the church book as a reference for this question)

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