Ethnic Conflict: The Greek and Turkish Cypriot Conflict Custom Essay

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For this research paper, please discuss the ‘conflict resolution process’ that took place (and is still taking place) between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot nationals, as a result of the on-going Cypriot conflict.

The working thesis of the paper is: Although there may have been several attempts at conflict resolution between the two ethnic groups, the Greek Cypriots are typically the ones who halt any successful resolution attempts; usually out of their resentment for the Turkish Cypriots.

This is meant to be an ARGUEMENTATIVE research paper, Hence I would kindly ask that throughout the paper you argue (using evidence) that it is the Greek Cypriot side that seems to be stalling the conflict resolution talks (due to certain factors – please use BOTH internal and external factors, which will become evident when you search for the 7 required sources). These internal and external factors should be discussed in the 2-3 of the body paragraphs.

A main/crucial part of this paper is that it MUST be based on a THEORY. The theory I would kindly require you to use is “Modern System Theory” by Niklas Luhmann. The core element of his theory is communication.

For the 7 resources, PLEASE DO NOT use “.com” websites, and ONLY USE academic/scholarly journal articles, found on databases such as JSTOR and EBSCO.

I will be attaching two documents to this order that I would require you to use. One of the documents is a rough outline of how the paper COULD be structured, but please DO NOT rely mainly on the outline, it is merely a reference point.

The second, is source that I would like you to use for this paper as it relates to my topic. It is a book chapter titled “Cyprus”. On page 69 of the of the “Cyprus” source, you will find several suggested scholarly sources you may want to use. Again, I do not want just any source from any website, they MUST be academic articles found in scholarly journals. Also, at the end of this order description I will paste a url link of a source that I would also like you to please use. Therefore, I have provided you with 2 sources, please kindly search for the remaining 5 on your own. Again, page 69 of the attached source you will find some suggestions.

IN-TEXT MLA citations and a works cited page are also require please. The paper must have in-text citations; meaning you must cite any source you use within the actual paper and not only on the works cited paper. For example, the in-text citation for the source I will be attaching would be cited in-text as (Carter and Irani, 2009). Hence you must in-text cite using the author(s) late name, and date of publication.

For the introduction of the paper, briefly explain the history of the Cypriot conflict, starting with the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus and then the British rule. Please mention briefly how they differed for each other, politically and socially and whether that had an hand in how the Cypriot conflict would manifest. This section should be no more than 2 paragraphs.

Also in introduction, please provide a description of Niklas Luhmann’s Modern System Theory, and how you plan on using it in the paper. In addition, please elaborate on his theory’s core element of communication. This section should also be no more the 2 paragraphs maximum.

For the body paragraphs, please focus on the different aspects of the Cypriot conflict that eventually lead to or caused the unsuccessful resolution processes. You will find some examples in the rough outline that I will be attaching. But again, the paper is meant to be ARGUEMENTATIVE, so please do not forget that while discussing these varied aspects of the conflict, you must argue the thesis. Also, do not forget to emphasize the role of the “modern system theory” in these aspects.

For a section of the body paragraphs, I would like you to specifically discuss 4-5 conflict resolution attempts and using the theory I mentioned above, please explain why or why not were they unsuccessful. Please mention conflict resolution efforts the were developed regionally or locally, as well as globally (UN, EU etc.).

For the conclusion of this research paper, please briefly restate some of the main argumentative points you discussed in the paper. End the paper with suggestions for the future of the conflict resolution process between the two ethnic groups or a call to action. Also, leave the reader with a sense that, as a result of what you have argued in the research paper, the Greek Cypriots resentment or hate of the Turkish Cypriots may be justified (historically and/or contemporarily).

This is a url link of a source (that is a academic paper on the topic) I would kindly like you to use. In addition, the way the source (academic paper) is structured, is similar to how I would like this order for an ARGUEMENTATIVE paper to be structured. In the sense that it is very well organized and has a methodical way about it. The url link is:

Again, a MLA work cited page and MLA IN-TEXT citations are required please.

Thank you for your time and co-operation. Please do not hesitate to message me at any time with any questions you might have.

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