Everyone has a secret – some more sacred, embarrassing or scary than others Custom Essay

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Several years ago, the PostSecret project began allowing for people to share their secrets anonymously with the world. People continue, to this day, to create postcard sized ways of sharing their secrets. They send them to Frank Warren at an address Maryland. He posts them online.

For this assignment:
Go to PostSecret.com (or postsecretarchive.com) and find a secret that someone else has submitted to the PostSecret website. Write the text of the secret into a Word document (the picture is not needed). Then write a paper addressing the following questions:

Why did you choose this particular secret to respond to?
If someone was keeping this type of information secret, how might the experience itself – or the fact that it is a secret – influence a person’s relationships and/or sexual experiences?
If a friend or partner came to you with this secret, what might be a helpful way to respond? Are there certain people, websites, books or other resources you might be able to suggest for them or that might be helpful for people dealing with this particular issue?
How does the secret you chose relate to course topics, if at all?

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