Evolution of the advertising of Chanel no5 perfume from 20th century till now Custom Essay

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Your task for the final project is exploring the evolution of the advertising of Chanel no.5 perfume from 20th century till now. And by

the developing advertising technique you can tell that how Chanel no5 has been more and more successful gradually. Your paper should

draw on at least 1 scholarly book and 2-3 scholarly articles. Your paper should have a clear thesis and a clearly developed argument

well-supported by evidence. You must provide proper citations for all material used in the paper. You should make sure you read Dixon

and Alexander, chapter 3 (on writing a research paper) before beginning your paper. There you will find clear instructions on

developing a topic, a thesis, and an argument.
1000-1500 words (about 4-6 pp.) Note:Tracing the development through time will keep you historical, but remember that you need an

overall argument (which may be the answer to a question, for example).

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