Evolving Background/Evidence Table Coursework custom essay

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The evolving problem statement and question for investigation and beginning evidence table, I would like to discuss should stem from this problem:

I provide nursing care to cancer patients, I notice that one of the major problems with this population is actually getting patients to adhere to continuing the care in administering chemotherapy agents during the times that these drugs actually make the patients sicker, such illnesses as nausea/vomiting, weight loss, hair loss and a multitude of other side effects.

*Investigating strategies to enhance adherance would be appropriate topic for the course. You may need to do some back ground reading to ensure you can answer the rest of the question regarding barriers and facilitators to this problem

Post your evolving problem statement and question for investigation, a beginning evidence table with articles supporting the problem (and perhaps research on solutions), short discussion of conceptual models used in the studies and beginning PICOT question .

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