Examined the attributes of Organized Crime (OC) Custom Essay

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In the first five weeks of this course you have examined the attributes of Organized Crime (OC), how it gained a foothold in the U.S., and how it is organized in the post-Prohibition era. You have also studied the phenomena of cultural and entrepreneurial gangs, and what they represent in the world of organized crime. For this writing assignment, you are to examine the impact of organized crime on a local level by researching and analyzing an organized crime group in an area where you reside, or have resided. Write a 2–4 page paper on your findings. Your paper should cover the following: • The name and location of the organized crime group. • The unlawful activities of the group in the area you are residing. Reflect on the impact this group has on a local level (state or metro area). • How this group displays at least three attributes of OC identified in this course. • Why you think it was important to research and analyze this particular group. You may only utilize the text in describing the attributes of the OC you are discussing. You must have two outside references, one of which should be from a government or academic website or personal interview.

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