Examining the controversial dilemma MNCs (multinational corporations) face in EMEs Custom Essay

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Examining the controversial dilemma MNCs (multinational corporations) face in EMEs (emerging market economies) while simultaneously focusing on economic growth and social responsibility

With this proposal, I want to express my interest in “Examining the controversial dilemma Multinational Corporations (MNCs) face in EMEs while simultaneously focusing on economic growth and social responsibility”. When taking into account that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been on the agenda of most major corporations since the 1990s, the questions arise; what are the reasons for the gap between a company’s aspiration in CSR and its execution? What are the factors that allow a company to integrate a new business strategy that incorporates social responsibility successfully while staying align with the business objectives and achieving economic growth?

In my Bachelor thesis I want to elaborate on the issues that companies in Emerging Market Economies (EME) are confronted with when it comes to building a workplace and maintaining an environment that are sustainable but at the same time satisfying the interests of shareholders. I would like to refer to different theoretical perspectives on CSR and outline the costs and benefits of corporate sustainable activities for Multinational Corporations in EMEs. Looking at the Stakeholder Theory developed by R Edward Freeman; “which addresses moral and ethical values in the management of a business or other organization”, and also argues that a corporation is successful if it creates value for customers, suppliers, employees, financiers as well as society. I would like to discuss the argument if the differences in cultural, political, social and environmental views that are present in EMEs can even allow companies to achieve economic growth while simultaneously respecting CSR and using resources sustainably.

Additionally, I would like to do case reviews of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) that have faced serious issues concerning the code of conduct and vision of their company when working in EMEs. While focusing on the workplace, labor standards are the most prominent concern. By reviewing Nike in the 1990s and comparing it to Apple nowadays I would like to examine the differences and similarities these two companies had with regard to compliance in the workplace and labor standards.

Apart from focusing on theoretical models, I would consider the following points:
– Defining Corporate Social Responsibility, considering the diverse expectations, ideas, objectives and values in different cultures.
– Discuss if the failure in implementing a business strategy involving CSR is due to different understandings of corporate responsibility in EMEs that makes it difficult to implement, or if the attempt of CSR from MNCs is build on false pretenses (in EMEs)
– If not, what are then the motivational issues for CSR in EMEs?
– Investigate the issues and dilemmas that MNCs face in EMEs that are different to developed economies when it comes to sustaining growth and protecting the environment
– Can successful CSR outweigh the costs of implementing it into a business strategy and can economic benefit be achieved for MNCs by doing so?

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