Explain how child training, adult personality traits and food are thought to be related Custom Essay

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The critical thinking essay assignment is designed to allow you to engage in a more personal and
in-depth manner with material covered in this class. The goal of the assignment is for you to
utilize the information you have learned in class, as well as outside sources, and your own
opinions to critically evaluate a topic and to write an informed essay discussing the subject.
While I want you to weave your own opinions into your essay they should be backed by facts
and other materials from both class material and outside sources.
You must complete the essay before November 26th at 11:59 PM. The essays must be a
minimum of 4 pages in length and follow theses parameters: Times New Roman 12 point font,
one inch margins on all sides, double spaced.
The essay is worth 100 points which will be awarded using the following grading rubric:
Content (80 points)
Intelligent, thorough analysis of a focused topic; accurate use of examples, illustrations, or other
forms of evidence, including citations where needed; abstract words defined; generalizations
made specific; perceptive and insightful.
Organization (10 points)
A clear plan; logically developed; clear thesis; reader-oriented introduction and conclusion; clear
topic sentences for paragraphs; details arranged in logical order; use of transitions to indicate
relationship of information.
Style/Mechanics Usage (10 points)
Elimination of unnecessary words; effective sentences; natural sounding, easy to read; fully
developed paragraphs; vocabulary appropriate for purpose, subject, and audience; accurate use of
words; precise language. Complete sentences (no run-ons or fragments); subject-verb agreement;
pronoun-antecedent agreement; correct punctuation; capitalization; spelling; correct punctuation
for citations and references; foreign words noted; etc.

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