Explain the role of writing and communication in Nursing Custom Essay

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1) Explain the role of writing and communication in Nursing. What kinds of writing or communication tasks can a professional in your field expect to encounter in her/his career? To answer this question, you will need to interview a professional in your chosen field to find out about the role of writing and communication in your field of study (primary research). You will also need to conduct secondary research using the CNM library databases to explore existing scholarship related to your topic. Based on your findings, you will develop a set of recommendations (courses, resources, trainings, etc.) that students in your major should consider in order to prepare themselves for a career in the chosen field. The audience for this option includes other students in your chosen major, as well as your English 1101 classmates and teacher. Your purpose is to enhance your understanding of the role of writing and communication in your field and also to help your colleagues (other students in your major) develop a plan in preparation for that role.
Research Requirements: Your multi-source report must incorporate both primary and secondary research (at least one interview and reference to existing, published, scholarship). At minimum, your report should incorporate three (3) sources. One of these sources will be your primary research; at least one should be a scholarly or peer-reviewed article. To ensure academic honesty, you should cite all your sources using in-text citations, and you should include a Works Cited page. Please follow the most recent MLA guidelines in developing your citations.
Formatting/Page Guidelines: Include an original title for your report. Use 1� margins and standard, 12-pt. font. Your final report should be between 3 pages long.
Grading Criteria: I will use the following criteria to evaluate your final reports:
� Research/Report Content: Your report incorporates primary and secondary research and synthesizes the ideas of at least three sources. The sources are closely related to the research topic. All sources are cited using correct MLA citation format, and you give credit where credit is due. Your report is informed by the work of others, but your voice controls the report (not the other way around).
� Organization and Development: Your report includes fluid transitions between paragraphs. Paragraphs are organized (each paragraph includes a topic sentence and supporting sentences that relate to the topic sentence). The report is framed around the research question and stays focused on answering that question throughout.
� Audience and Purpose: You make choices in your writing that are appropriate for your target audience and purpose. In other words, the tone, word choice, descriptive details of your essay demonstrate an understanding of your writing situation.
� Revision and Writing Process: You have engaged in all stages of the writing process (invention, drafting, revision, etc.). You have made a sincere attempt to revise and improve upon your paper, focusing on global issues (content, organization, and development), but also addressing local concerns (grammar, mechanics). You turn in a rough draft on time and participate thoughtfully in peer review AND writing workshop.
� Grammar and Mechanics: Your sentences have clarity in meaning. Your paper has been closely edited for punctuation and spelling errors.

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