Explore how stress can be damaging to an individual employee Custom Paper

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You are expected to produce an essay (2000 words)

• Explore how stress can be damaging to an individual employee with particular reference to the work/life balance.

c with particular reference to the work/life balance.
• What are the important areas of employee stress in the workplace and work/life balance that you have learnt in this module
• Define key terms related to stress and work/life balance
• Why is employee stress an area of concern within management and give examples of issues connected with employee stress
• What can happen if the work/life balance is unequal?
• Look at the issue from the viewpoint of employees and also organisations
Support your reasons with evidence from books, journals, newspapers, and credible websites

Assessment Criteria:
• A well-structured essay which will:
• Analyse the key theories and concepts of the topic area chosen
• Demonstrate an understanding of how the identified issue relates to management practice
which means a clear, critical argument needs to be developed with a deep understanding of your topic
• Evidence of further reading and wider research using a range of sources, with a minimum of 8 different academic sources requested
• A good attempt at accurate referencing (using the Harvard method) and relevant bibliography

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