Exploring socialist feminism; “The liberal feminist project has been more or less completed in contemporary Australia and women can now choose to do/be whatever they want?” Custom Essay

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These should be reputable academic sources. Non-academic internet sources are to be avoided or used only on top of academic sources. You may use any system of referencing that you choose as long as you use it consistently.
Critiquing liberal feminism
1. The liberal feminist project has been more or less completed in contemporary Australia and women can now choose to do/be whatever they want?In what ways is this statement true?In what ways is it a limited understanding of gender relations?

Exploring socialist feminism
2. How does socialist feminism differ from other feminist analyses?What would be key gender issues in 2012 from a socialist feminist point of view?

Radical feminism and compulsory heterosexuality
3. Adrienne Rich?s essay ?Compulsory heterosexuality ?? was first published in1981.
Is heterosexuality still compulsory?
Race, whiteness and intersectionality
4. Indigenous women and non-Indigenous women in Australia often have very different personal and political priorities.
How can we make sense of this difference given that they share a gender identity?
5. What is meant by ?intersectionality? as an approach to feminist analysis? Why do some feminist authors argue that it is an essential part of any feminist analysis?
Applying post-structuralist feminist approaches
6. Using at least one example, discuss how the way that gendered social problems are described and understood makes a difference to the ways in which they might be addressed?
Investigating queer theory
7. How does the binary system of classification that is used to describe sex and gender in our society (ie male and female, men and women) make change difficult? How does it fail to honour the diversity of real lived human experience?
Applying feminist theories
8. Choose one of the feminisms that we have discussed and assess its strengths and weaknesses in relation to one particular gendered problem.
NB In some cases the question has two or more parts. Each part of the question must be

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