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This essay doesn’t need sources or references, so don’t put any sources please. This essay is personal essay, I know it depends on me, and i have to write it by myself, but because i don’t have enough time i ordered here. so if you can write any three unforgettable events such as having a first car, brother wedding and graduate from high school…etc. also, i hope you write a simple essay not a profisional essay. also it must have HOOK and THESIS STETAMENT, and in the conclusion a CLINCHER.. and here is the instruction :

Essay 1: Expository

Assignment:You will write a 5 paragraph essay about the most memorable or important events in your life. The events may be presented logically or chronologicallyin the body of the paper and within each body paragraph. This assignment must be typed with a word count at the end.
1. Title page ? student name, course, Janet?s name, date
2. Title: centered on the page
3. An outline must be handed in with the essay (at the front or back)
4. Minimum450 words…Maximum 550
5. Introductory paragraph
i. Grabber
ii. Thesis statement (parallel structure)
6. 3 Body paragraphs
i. Topic sentence
ii. Supporting detail(s)
iii. Detail(s) explained (minor support)
iv. Concluding/transition sentence
7. Conclusion
i. Restatement of thesis (paraphrased)
ii. Clincher
8. Grammar
i. Correct tenses
ii. Variety of sentence types
iii. Proper punctuation

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