External vs. Internal Evaluation: Who are the stakeholders for an evaluation? Custom Essay

(Alkin, M.C. (2011). Evaluation essentials” From A to Z. New York: The Guilford Press).
– Who are the stakeholders for an evaluation?
– How are positive stakeholder relationships maintained?
– What is the organizational, social and political context?
– How do you describe the program?
– How do you “understand” the program?
Moll, L. (1992). Bilingual classroom studies and community analysis: Some recent trends. Educational Researcher, 21(2), 20-24
Then, do the following:
1) 1-3 questions about the assigned readings for the week,
2) Briefly ( 3 paragraphs) discuss your reaction to the assigned readings and how you could use/apply these concepts in your work. write three paragraphs in which my reflect on how the class reading(s) relate to some aspect of my life (e.g., current or past course, job, family, personal experiences, old or new knowledge, etc.). I should be creative with this assignment. The purpose of the reflections is to encourage me to make connections to how the content I am learning is relevant to me in some way.

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