Female Rivalry in the Workplace / The psychology of workplace competition among women Research Paper

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Title: A Phenomenological Glance at Female Rivalry: Can Gender-Loyalty Propel Women in the Workplace?
– Note to Staff: The writer must have a background in Psychology and be an impeccable researcher. I/O Psychology or HR/Organizational leadership experience is a plus (the topic is work-place rivalry between females.
– Note to Writer: You will need to develop 30-40 new original pages of content (Section 1: there will be at least 20-25 pages of lit review and then Section 2: there will be 10-15 pages will be the justification of the research methodology /transformative phenomenology). This is a very specialized paper on an organizational psychology topic. If you can’t cover this topic please request that this is assigned to another writer. Some of the themes the literature review can examine include:
• The Queen-bee syndrome,
• Workplace competition,
• Workplace mentor/mentee relationships
• Bullying
• Mentoring,
• Female friendships at work,
• Direct and indirect aggression in the workplace,
• Female competition beyond the workplace,
• Importance of workplace harmony to productivity
• …and any others that you feel are important to the review…
– Transformative Learning is the theoretical framework.
I have attached a paper, “01_Female Rivalry Proposal” — that includes a brief start to a literature review…
You can start writing your original literature review directly in this paper and integrate the new content with what is already there….
I need someone that can really do a great analyze what has been researched on the topic, where the gaps in the research are; and how the topic can be extended for further study. The person must be a great writer and researcher…
All references MUST come from scholarly research, empirical research, peer reviewed resources only from US based academic journals….(you can add additional books and articles but they can’t be used as the majority of the references)… This is specialized for organizational psychology but the writer should be at least a doctoral level writer to achieve this

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