File-Sharing vs. Copyright Law and Big Business: Who Are the Real Pirates? Custom Essay

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Written Assignment: Required to write one research paper (minimum of 6 pages with at least five references) on any of the topic or concept related to Business Law. Professor’s suggestion is for students to choose a topic based on educational, personal, or professional interests; however, it should be tailored toward an area specific to Business Law. Topics for the research paper will be submitted for professor’s approval. The grading for this assignment will be for both content and mechanics. This paper is to be typed, spell-checked and grammar checked, well written with a logical flow of though. Submit double-spaced with 1 inch margins, and prepared in the APA format. Paper should be in 12-pitch font using Times Roman. Please include a title page. Paper will submit to to detect the plagiarism.

# Please see the attached:
1- Assignment Guide.
2- Outlines.

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