Financial Accounting Custom Essay

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The essay counts for five (5) points on the final grade. It involves an understanding of the principle (virtue) of commutative justice and its application to specific business cases. The specific cases in question are to be found in the brief sections at the end of each chapter of the textbook entitled, “Ethics, Fraud and Corporate Governance”.
The precise assignment is as follows:
1. Compose a brief paragraph (5 sentences maximum) that explains what commutative justice is (you will need to research this).
2. Read carefully EACH of the above-mentioned end-of-chapter sections.
3. Select three (3) and ONLY three of the end-of-chapter sections that you believe illustrate violations of commutative justice. Note that not all of these case studies are directly relevant to the topic, so you will need to exercise judgment, based upon a real understanding of the concept, in making your selection.
4. For each of the three cases you have selected, write a brief paragraph (5 sentences maximum) in which you explain how commutative justice has been violated.
5. Write a concluding paragraph (5 sentences maximum) in which you identify the common element in the three cases you have analyzed and explain the centrality of commutative justice to financial accounting.

The essay will thus comprise a total of five (5) paragraphs and a maximum total of twenty-five sentences.

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