First Language Acquisition Research Paper

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This assignment will be:
– A reflective Journal ( highly academic words).
– Around 500 words.
-Provision of references as required (APA).
-Select an idea, concept, observation or critical event which relate to the chapters I will provide you.
-Ask questions such as:
• What is there of interest?
• How do my understandings connect or contrast with concepts and theoretical perspective in SLA (second language acquisition).
• Respond to the questions or tasks in the chapter’s entry guidelines (not all of them).
-The topic is (First language acquisition) how do we acquire our first language?
-The references will be:

• Go to the Topics and Questions for study and discussion at the end of chapter 2 of (Brown, fifth edition, principles of language learning and teaching, 2007, pp. 24-53) and choose one topic to discuss or two (this book will be the main reference of this journal).

– Notes:

I am a non native speaker of English, I speak Arabic as a First language, I need the writing to look natural and to get a level B.
I was a teacher of 5 year old students who are non Arabs speakers, I taught them Arabic as a second language for almost 2 years, if that can help with writing this Journal to create a suitable experience example to support this writing.

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