FOOD PROTECTION What should be included in your analysis from ESHA? Custom Essay

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The main tenet is that you will be comparing your intake to the recommended intake. What areas are you low, just right, high or missing? What foods in your diet are the rich sources of the various nutrients. Make suggestions for improvement. I mean reasonable and practical suggestions. If you abhor liver then do not suggest it.
Grams of macronutrient intake and % of calories of the macronutrients
CHO simple CHO: sugar, complex CHO:fiber, you can comment on your use of sugar substitutes
Protein comment on the protein quality of your foods, any examples in your diet that were complementary proteins
Fat cholesterol, saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, PUFA,
Iron, Calcium, Sodium
Other comments you see fit such as with what DRI for nutrients you used. Make sure you compare your intake with the right age and gender
Summary: Comments on how well you eat. Look at the adequacy, balance, calorie control, moderation and variety. What factors (cost, convenience, etc.) influenced your food choices. What tools (like food labels, etc.) do you use in your decisions to choose what you want to eat. Do you have any allergies, chronic disease, inflammatory disease, an intolerance that dictate your food choices. How might you improve your eating habits?

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