Formal Analysis of Three works of art by Mark Dion custom essay

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This paper needs to be 10 pages but i am ordering five then another 5 if i am satisfied Please write as if you were writing the 10 but stop at the end of 5.

The three works of art to discuss
1. Neukom Vivarium By Mark Dion
2. Tate Thames Dig by Mark Dion
3. Mobile Wilderness Unit-Wolf By Mark Dion

This is your opportunity to explore in-depth an artist that interests you from contemporary art
history. In composing your analysis you should aim to do the following:
? Improve your written skills and prepare yourself for writing your thesis paper
? Improve your powers of observation, awareness, and conceptual acuity, i.e. the way you think
about or ?see? art

In Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary, Terry Barrett breaks down verbalizing and
writing about art into three categories: describing, interpreting, and judging. This is precisely
what you will be doing for your formal analysis. Barrett offers excellent examples of each one of
these and I strongly encourage you to read Chapters 3-6 and apply them to your paper (I will be
providing these chapters as a pdf on blackboard).

1. Choose one contemporary artist (whose most important work was created from the 1980s
onward) that resonates with you. The artist should be someone fairly visible within recent art, i.e.
someone on whom you can find adequate material ? articles, interviews, essays, etc. I suggest t
you let me know who you plan to write about before you begin your research, so that I can
approve the artist and offer help with sources.

3. Write a 10-12 page analysis about three of their works. You may choose to describe one,
interpret another, and judge the final work or you may concentrate on applying all three to each
image. The format is up to you but you must include an example of all three methods of criticism
in your analysis.

You will need to conduct some research on your artist (include background information ONLY
when it applies to the three works you are discussing) and other?s opinions on how the work is
interpreted to back up your thoughts on the matter or use as a departure point to address a topic
that you find might not be covered properly. Do not consider this to be primarily a research paper
? only use other sources to back up your thoughts.

The 10-12 pages will not include the bibliography, footnotes (if you choose to use that format ?
see below), and copies of your imagery. You must include image examples of each of your
artist?s three works.
Citing Sources or References:
Whenever you use a piece of information that is not common knowledge and is drawn from an
outside source, you must cite it in the form of an intratextual reference, footnote, or endnote.
Choose one of the following two methods when writing your paper.

Intratextual References
These are inserted immediately following the information drawn from the outside source. They
include the author?s name, date of work if you have more than one source by the same author,
and page number all within parentheses. The complete reference information for each source is
included in your bibliography.

Example: “Jack and Jill went up the hill” (Goose, 4)
Footnotes or Endnotes
The only difference between a footnote and endnote is where they appear in your paper. A
footnote appears on the bottom of the same page as the reference. Endnotes are listed at the
end of the document. Please note punctuation and that page number is not preceded by ‘p.’ or
‘pp.’ The title is either underlined or italicized, not bold-face, in quotes, or any other combination.

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