Formulating the Management and Research Questions Custom Essay

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Leaders of organizations are charged with solving problems every day. To address and solve organizational issues requires structure and frameworks such as theories and concepts that explain what is going on around us. This Critical Thinking assignment is designed to help decision makers develop skills associated with framing, articulating, and solving management questions.
First review Page IV and Page V in the Module 7 lecture. Then complete the Formulating the Management and Research Questions Worksheet by following these steps:
• Consider the scenario provided on Page V of the lecture, by putting yourself in Sheila’s place as the leader of this organization.
• Reviewing the symptoms that Sheila has observed and her managers have described, formulate a statement that you think describes the management dilemma confronting the organization. (Worksheet box #1)
• begin to explore professional journals and select current research articles published within the last five years that are relevant to your management dilemma. Place the APA formatted references for 3-4 relevant articles that you reviewed. (Worksheet box #1a).
• Develop a specific management question that you want answered. (Worksheet box #2)
• Return to the CSU-Global virtual library and explore 3-4 additional relevant articles specific to your research question. (Worksheet box #2a.)
• Break down the management question into 2-3 sub-questions. (Worksheet box #3).
Identify a theory that might be relevant to your management question.
• Use resources to identify an organizational, decision-making, organizational culture, or other theory that might be relevant to your management and research questions.
• Create a brief history and posits of the theory.
Develop a paper synthesizing the information describing the management dilemma, and the management and research questions substantiated by the 6-8 research articles identified during your exploration. Explain the potential relevance of the theory that you selected. Paper requirements include:
• Clear, concise academic writing style
• Third person
• Graduate formatting

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