Geriatric Population: (Group Community Assessment) “This is a Group Comminuty Assessment Case Study, I ONLY responsible for the first 1/3 part of the entire project” Custom Essay

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Case Study Scenario
You are a teenage girl who has missed her period for three months. You are sexually active. You want a pregnancy test without your parents? knowledge. You have no money to go to a private doctor. Where can you go? You find out that you are pregnant. What are your options, and which agencies can help you with each of those options?
So please strictly follow the guildelines and format as presented on the Geriatric Sample Paper, we just have to change the forcused population into Teenager Pregancy instead of geriatric. The first 1/3 of the document is about how a community assessment is done. Then other people in the group will do the rest. So again, we ONLY follow and do the first 5 pages on Teen Pregnancy!
I put request for 15 references, because on Phase Two – A. Data Gathering, it needs all the resources that could relate to the scenario-Teen Pregnancy, so we have to serach and list all the website that could provide all the data relate to Teen Pregnancy, and give reason why this website is relevant. You will have a better understand when you look at the SAMPLE paper provided on the attachment.
Please see the attachment for the sample paper.

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