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Sometimes, a review’s title is that of the book itself, but you should feel free to tweak this. Usually, publisher’s information, date of publication and other such details are provided in brackets after the title.
2. Abstract: write an abstract 4-5 line.
3. Introduction: Provide brief information about the author or subject matter of the book and its genre. Also provide a brief context describing the period when the book was written or published.
4. Summary: This should hit all the main/key ideas and speak to the book’s purpose. It should not be a retelling per se, but a commentary with book’s outline or synopsis, chronology, and major concerns/themes. Be clear and concise, use proper attributive tags, and demonstrate your ability to quote and paraphrase as appropriate. Please insert in-text citations where appropriate. Intro and summary should be 3 pages maximum.
5. Thesis: This is a brief but clear statement[s ]outlining your main argument/opinion of the text you are reviewing. Ideally, introduction and summary should lead up to your thesis statement, while the response and conclusion should support and elaborate on your thesis statement using the main text (Nadine Gordimer) and any relevant supplementary material (such as documentaries watched in class and critical material from your own research). A thesis idea grows organically from a close-reading of the text, class discussions, and one-on-one conferences with me, and subsequent revisions of the original thought. The thesis is who is Paul at the beginning of the story, and who is he at the end?
6. Brief literature review: Provide a brief summary of relevant contemporary critical research on each respective author and state how your thesis/research further broadens our understanding of the author and/or respective text.
7. Response: Please critically respond to the particular book you are reviewing and, where appropriate, support your readings of the text with relevant sources. Remember that all the points in your response section should be in support of your thesis. The response will be on the character development of Paul through the conflicts (such as: the illness, living in quarantine with the parents, the affairs, etc) he has encountered. The response and conclusion should be 5 pages maximum. Please insert in-text citations as needed.

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