Global Business Strategy–Panasonic Corporation Custom Essay

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Here is a group report to analyse Panasonic Company. There are total 6 parts need to be finished,while what we need to do are only part2 and part 4. Below are the listed requrements need to be done. But please read the additional file that there are some additional readings need to be referenced and the assessment criterial. Therefore, please only do the listed part without introduction and conclusion. Only the main body is ok.

Panasonic Corporation ( is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world. Imagining that you are the team appointed by Panasonic to provide a business report for the company on one of its existing host country markets. You are asked to analyse the internal and the external strategic environments, examine the participation strategy that the company used to enter the host country(America selected), review the company?s performance so far in the host country market, forecast further development
potential in the host country market, and advise the company on its future investment
strategies in the global market.

Company and Host Country Strategic Environment Analysis You will have two main tasks in this chapter: 1) Analyse Panasonic?s internal
environment by using proper internal strategic environment analytical tool(s). 2) Select a host country for Panasonic (you can find a list of the host countries in the company?s website, you can choose any country in this list except for Japan, which is the home country in this case). Analyse this country?s contemporary strategic environment for Panasonic by using proper external strategic environment analytical tool(s). When you choose a country, you need to consider the availability of the data that you need for the analysis.
(For literature on analytical tools, you may find the following chapters useful:
Parboteeah and Cullen?s book Chapter 5 and 6. For further reading: Richard Lynch?s
book Chapter 3)

Company Performance Review
In this chapter, you will need to review the company?s performance in the host country. Ideally, you should review the company?s performance from the year it entered the host country to the present. To complete this chapter, you will need to find factual based information to support your evaluation. Thus, you should search different databases to find out relevant data on the company?s performance, do a proper data
analysis, and then draw a conclusion on the company?s performance so far. You will find the following four types of information helpful: 1) financial performance, 2) market share, 3) sales, and 4) corporate social responsibility. To do the analysis, you can consider the company?s annual growth on the above aspects, as well as comparing the company?s performance on the above aspects with its major competitors? or the
industrial average in the host country during the same period of time.

a) 2000 words (excluding reference list and appendix)
b) Word processed on A4 paper with a font size of 12
c) Leave 2.5cm (1 inch) margin on both the right and the left side of the page
d) Use 1.5 line space
e) Number pages continuously
f) Label all tables, figures, and so on
g) You should use the Harvard System of Referencing for your references. For
information on this please refer for example to (a copy of this file can also be found
in My Learning):

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