Global Issue in Design Custom Essay

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Tactical Formlessness and Everyday Consumption,� in Andrew Blauvelt (ed.) Strangely Familiar: Design and Everyday Life. Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, pp. 56-71. and Zygmunt Bauman (2000) Liquid Modernity. Malden, MA: Polity, pp. 1-15 AND 100-109) And then just answer the questions. Each questions have more than 5 sentences.
� Explain how Hunt understands the concept of the everyday.
� Explain Hunt’s understanding of strategies and tactics. Show the relationship between the two concepts. Take two photos or sketch (include the image on this page) an example of a strategy and of a tactic. (No bicycles or steps or other examples from previous semesters. Try to create your own tactic.)
� What are the qualities of the critical designs that Hunt discusses at the end of the essay.
� What are the characteristics of liquid modernity according to Bauman. List and explain at least three points.
� How do Bauman’s ideas about talking with strangers differ from those of Appiah? Explain what Bauman means when he says we are experiencing a loss of civility in favor of counterfeit experience. Explain how design (particularly of places) contributes to this. Pose an alternative a design that would foster civility describe in detail or sketch and image of your idea.

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