Global Marketing-Strategy and Practice- a strategic market entry plan – as report format Custom Essay

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LO3 Evaluate the strategic factors impacting on the decision to go global with marketing and evaluate their individual impacts on the supply chain i.e. logistics or make or buy decisions.
LO4 Critically analyse the totality of global marketing decisions and their effect on the success of the business to business strategy adopted.
Using the organisation or product that you selected in assessment 1 (Sainsbury to Netherlands) ( i will upload assessment 1 please find it presentation and short report) you have now to write a strategic market entry plan to launch the organisation or product in to the selected market.
Your plan needs to cover the following areas
• Market entry- what is the market entry strategy that would be most appropriate for the organisation or product in the international market. Justify this selection.
• Marketing mix-adaptation or standardisation of each element and what would the specific changes, if any, be
• Suggested organisation structure for managing the international operations and justify why this is the most appropriate
• Give a critical review of how logistics and supply chain would play a large part in the success or otherwise of this operation.
You should use recognised strategic international marketing models or frameworks as far as possible to present your information.
This is an individual piece of work.
You will need to submit a paper copy of your work and a copy on a CD through the student office in MX building and gain a receipt for it. There is no electronic submission of work on this module.

Assessment Criteria
The module Learning Outcomes tested by this assessment task are indicated on page 1. The precise criteria against which your work will be marked is as follows:
A good quality assignment will:
• Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical issues involved including the use of models or concepts to illustrate your answer.
• Include evidence of appropriate application of international marketing concepts
• Justify why the selection criteria both macro and micro are relevant to the chosen product/company in the elimination of potential markets
• Provide reference to literature searches with all readings fully listed
• Demonstrate an awareness of the principal issues surrounding the topic area.
• Underpin recommendations with suitable and current statistics.

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