Government, Business and Society; political criticism of a major corporation eg Microsoft, Rio Tinto, Coles Research Paper

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Please follow the provided assignment instructions carefully because each one of them is very important in guiding you to write what is needed.
• What you must do
• What’s the point of this assignment?
• 1. Choose a major corporation to investigate
• 2. Find some political criticism of the corporation
• 3. Choose one political criticism to research
• 4. Do research to find out if that criticism is valid
• 5. Evaluate the criticism in light of the evidence
• How to write the assignment
• How your assignment will be assessed
• Resources to help with your assignment

Total length: 900 – 1100 word

This task asks you to find criticism of a major corporation, and evaluate the validity of one of the most significant criticisms.
What you must do
1. Choose a major corporation (e.g. Microsoft, Rio Tinto, Coles).
2. Find some political criticism of the corporation. Outline and summarise three to five different criticisms, with some evidence.
3. Choose one serious, political criticism of the corporation
4. Do research to find factual evidence to determine whether or not the criticism is justified. This is called proposition-testing, and is the core task here.
5. Evaluate the criticism you have chosen in the light of the evidence you find.

What’s the point of this assignment?
This task aims to develop your research and critical thinking skills.
Imagine you are working for a major bank. One of your largest corporate clients asks the bank to raise funds for a controversial new pulp mill. Your managers want you to make an assessment of the proposal. Your assessment will have to include your judgement on the public criticisms being made of the company. This scenario actually happened, and the bank refused the loan.
Critical thinking and proposition-testing are vital skills in life, business and government. Thinking critically means constantly asking yourself; ‘is this proposition true?’

Proposition-testing involves research to find evidence that tells you whether or not a proposition (an argument, a criticism) is true, or how valid it is. This is also one of the core tasks for the third assignment.
Proposition testing means that the opinions you form are based on evidence, and not simply on your existing beliefs or ‘common sense’. It’s easy to do critical research into arguments we disagree with; the challenge is to think critically about ideas we agree with.
1. Choose a major corporation to investigate

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