Grammar – Passive Voice Custom Essay

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The Presentation:
Presentation Brief – Grammar:
I will be asked to talk for 8-10 minutes. During that time you will
1. Describe and explain a grammar feature of my choice
2. Talk about how I would deal with this feature in the classroom, with a particular group of students, and explain why you would choose this approach
My audience in this oral presentation is not learners of English. Instead, I could think of my audience as other TESOL practitioners, for example at an in-service training session. my actual purpose will be to show my audience that I have a very good grasp of the grammar point I have chosen to talk about, and that I can apply this understanding in choosing what to teach, and how to teach it to a specific group of learners.
In part 1, I have the opportunity to show I grammar expertise. Don’t forget to include references to any published work you draw on. It is good if I can come up with your own examples, rather than just quoting examples from sources.
In part 2 I show that I am able to apply my expertise in my professional context. Describe briefly the group of students I am thinking of. Explain how I would teach the grammar point (or some aspect of it) and why I would I use the particular approach or material. What makes it likely to be appropriate with the particular group of students? I do not need to design original teaching materials. If I use published teaching material, remember to state the source. In this part, I may want to refer to issues discussed in the Teaching & Learning module.
In my presentation, I can use PowerPoint.
The following aspects of the presentation will be assessed on a five point scale:
Organization & Presentation
(Including structure, clarity, timing etc.; use of exemplification and illustration)
Awareness & Comprehension of Key Concepts & Ideas
(Including use and understanding of terminology, structures and relationships)
Analysis & Critical/Professional Application
(Including appropriacy of suggested explanations, tasks, activities etc to the specified learner group)
This power point should be on the Grammar – Passive Voice. How passive voice is used? Why passive voice is used? I need for the intermediate or advanced learners. Could you provide me with a text about 6 sentences including advanced passive voice?

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